Insight Discord Bot

Effective Corp and Alliance Management​

With this bot you will have tools to:

  • Allow only authed ingame characters into your Discord group
  • Use preliminary auth and inspect characters using JackKnife utility
  • Receive important notifications from many alliances and corporations
  • Know when your citadels are under attack or low on fuel
  • Know when moon extraction is finished or moon chunk has been blown
  • Know when your sov space is in danger or war has been declared
  • Know when your region or constellation has Sansha Incursion
  • Know who joins or leaves corporations in your alliance
  • Synchronize important EVE mails with Discord
  • Synchronize your ops in FleetUp to remind them in Discord
  • Manage important structure or ops timers with in-time reminders
  • Monitor recent killmails in your space
  • Query any char or corp info including the cyno and danger probability
  • Receive pings from external messengers like Jabber, IRC, Telegram
  • Keep track of personal and corp contracts
  • Keep track of industry jobs for members and corporations

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