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Main features:

  • Automatically grants or revokes user access to external services (e.g. Discord, Mumble) and web apps (e.g. SRP requests) based on the user’s current membership to in-game organizations and groups
  • Provides a central web site where users can directly access web apps (e.g. SRP requests, Fleet Schedule) and manage their access to external services and groups.
  • Includes a set of connectors (called “services”) for integrating access management with many popular external applications / services like Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak 3, SMF and others
  • Includes a set of web apps which add many useful functions, e.g.: fleet schedule, timer board, SRP request management, fleet activity tracker ** Addon
  • Can be easily extended with additional services and apps. Many are provided by the community 

    Addons can be purchased in addition to your Authentication systems. Please see the Addon section on check out to select the product

    A working demo can be found at

Additional information

Operating System

Latest Linux operating system


30 Days free support. There after a support agreement can be made to maintain your Authentication system


VPS Server
Domain Name

* A vps server can be purchased for ISK with us at VPS Hosting


PHPBB Forum intergration
SMF Forum Intergration
Teamspeak Intergration (32 slots maximum)
Mumble Server on request. However we will not setup permissions for you
Discord Intergration (Role management Only)




Fleet Pings

Since the original app evolved and with the now added support to ping Slack as well, I felt the name was no longer fitting, so I re-branded the app as “AA Fleet Pings”. The old Discord ping formatter will be discontinued in favor of this one.

If you used the old app until now (not the alpha versions), don’t worry, nothing is breaking. At least I hope so. Since this app has a complete new code base and a different name it shouldn’t interfere with the old one. All you need to do is to set the new permission for the groups that need to have access to this app.



Simple User and group management for Wiki JS as a service of AllianceAuth. This addon includes the intergration aswell as the wiki installation. User will be required to setup the wiki from their end

Moon Manager

Moon Manager is a plugin focused on managing moons, from keeping track of moon scan data to making sure everyone knows when and where the next extraction will be.

  • Automatically pulls upcoming extractions from ESI.
  • Automatically updates ore composition, just in case CCP decides to shuffle moon ore around.
  • Pulls mining ledger data for all extractions as they happen.
    • Mining Ledger Data is used to track whether or not extractions are jackpots.
    • [Coming Soon] A mining ledger explorer is planned.
  • Per-m3 values are displayed per ore, customized based on a customizable refine percent. (So if you don’t have a T2-rigged Null Sec Tatara and perfect skills, you can see a more realistic value)
  • Search for R-value or ore type from moon list.
    • Moons will show all rarity values available for that moon, rather than just the top value.



This app helps running a central freight service for an alliance or corporation. It allows different modes of operation that support the most common approaches a central freight service is setup. (e.g. for alliance members only or run by a corporation outside the alliance)

Freight offers the following main features:

  • Reward calculator allowing members to easily calculate the correct reward for their a courier contract
  • Page showing the list of currently outstanding courier contracts incl. an indicator if the contract is compliant with the pricing for the respective route (“contract check”)
  • Multiple routes can be defined, each with its own pricing.
  • It’s possible to have the same pricing for both directions, or to have different pricings for each direction of the same route.
  • Automatic notifications to freight pilots on Discord informing them about new courier contracts
  • Automatic notifications to contract issuers on Discord informing them about the developing status of their contract or potentially issues
  • Contract issuer can always check the current status of his courier contracts
  • Statistics page showing key performance metrics for routes, pilots, customers


Fitting Addon

A simple fittings and doctrine management app for allianceauth

This plugin serves as a replacement for the now defunct fleet-up service integration. It allows you to create and manage ship fits and doctrines all in a
central location for your members to browse.

Fittings offers the following features:

  • Support for importing fittings using the EFT format.
    • Support for pulling fits from ESI Coming Soon
  • Support for exporting fits as EFT format.
  • Support for saving fits to EVE via ESI.
  • Support for copying fits for use with Buy All.
  • Categorization of your fittings and doctrines to keep things organized and easy to manage.
    • Access to categories can be restricted to specific groups.
  • Tracks changes to module names




  • Manual Groups, either auto join or still request join via Alliance Auth’s Built in Group Management system.
  • Auto Groups, process all member states for a filter and add/remove who ever passes/doesn’t.
  • A Grace on failure feature when already in the group with notifications to users to alow time to rectify
  • Pings to users on discord and in auth when they are due for and removed
  • Smart Group Filters included with this app:
    • Character in Alliance on account
    • Character in Corp on account
    • User has group

Apps that provide a filter​

  • CorpTools
    • Assets in Locations
    • Skill List checks
    • Main’s Time in Corp
    • All characters loaded in corp-tools
  • Statistics
    • zKill – x Kills in x Months
  • Blacklist module ( link )
    • users has no flags or has or has never had blacklisted char
  • Member Audit via its integration.
    • Activity Filter
    • Asset Filter
    • Character Age Filter
    • Member Audit Compliance Filter
    • Skill Set Filter
    • Skill Point Filter

Automatically assign permissions based on filters. If you want members with a super to automatically join a group with simply having the hull in their possession. Players will then have the same perms to join a dedicated Super channel whereby the can receive their orders/fit information




  • Simple permission system. Only 2 permissions (“has_access” and “can_manage”)
  • Simple administration, no maze to click through to get where you wantet to go
  • Categories and boards are sortable via drag and drop in admin view
  • Mass creation of boards with a new categoy
  • Boards can be restricted to 1 or more groups, bards without restrictions are visible for everyone who has access to the forum
  • Child boards (1 Level), which inherit their access restrictions from their parent
  • ckEditor with image upload
  • Unread topics counter as number on the “Forum” link in the left navigation
  • Optional notifications about new topics in a board via Discord webhooks



A intergrated Buy back system.

Used only on a corp level buy back program

Corporations can setup their own individual buy back programs or the executor alliance corporation.

Permission system allows groups to receive notifications and view stats



this is an blueprints library app that can be used to list blueprints for your Corporation.



  • Lists all blueprints owned by corporation
  • Manage user requests for making copies of blueprintsCan send notifications if the Discord Addon is purchased



An operation calendar app for Alliance Auth to display fleet operations and other events.



  • Calendar type view of different events
  • Manual events
    • User created
    • Defailed view
    • Ical feed for exporting events
  • Public NPSI events
    • Automatic syncing with supported NPSI community events over APIs
  • Ingame events
    • Automatic syncing with ingame events
    • Personal, Corporation and Alliance calendars
  • Supports structure timers
  • Supports aa-moonmining
  • Supports aa-discordbot
  • Event visibility options
    • Custom names and colors
    • Restrict to groups
    • Restrict to states
    • Webhook for sending event notifications
    • Filter to include in ical feed
  • Event categories
    • Custom names
    • Custom tickers
    • Custom colors
    • Pre-fill text to add on events with the category
  • Multihost support
  • Discord notifications
    • Webhook
    • For: new, edited and deleted events



Member Audit is an Alliance Auth app that provides full access to Eve characters and related reports.

Users can monitor their characters, recruiters can vet the characters of applicants and leadership can audit the characters of their members to ensure compliance and find spies.

In addition character based reports gives leadership another valuable tool for managing their respective organization.

Key Features​

Member Audit adds the following key features

  • Users can see an overview of all their characters with key information like their current location and wallet balance
  • Users can get full access to their characters to monitor them without having to open the Eve client (similar to the classic Eve ap “EveMon”).
  • Applicants can temporarily share their characters with recruiters for vetting
  • Leadership can get full access to characters of their members for auditing (e.g. to check suspicious members)
  • Full access to characters currently includes the following information:
    • Assets
    • Bio
    • Contacts
    • Contracts
    • Corporation history
    • Implants
    • Jump clones
    • Mails
    • Loyalty points
    • Skill queue
    • Skill sets
    • Skills
    • Wallet (journal and transactions)
  • Leadership can define Skill Sets, which are a way of defining skills needed to perform a specific activity or fly a doctrine ship. They allow recruiters and leadership to see at a glance what a character can do (e.g. which doctrine ships he/she can fly)
  • Leadership can see reports and analytics about their members. Those currently include:
    • Compliance: if users have added all their characters
    • Skill Sets: which character has which skill sets
  • Admins can use the flexible permission system to grant access levels for different roles (e.g. corp leadership may only have access to reports about their own corp members)
  • Admins can customize and configure Member Audit to fit their needs. e.g. change the app’s name and define how often which type of data is updated from the Eve server
  • Designed to work efficiently with large number of characters
  • Data retention policy allows managing storage capacity needs


This app is for managing Eve Online structures with Auth. It allows all member corporations to see a current list of all their structures in Auth. In addition it allows forwarding Eve Online notifications to Discord.

Features Summary​

Structures adds the following main features to Alliance Auth:

  • Structure browser with a detailed list of all structures owned by member corporations, automatically synced with the game server
  • Structures include all Upwell structures, Custom Offices and Starbases / POSes
  • Automatically forwards Eve Online notifications to Discord channels as alerts for these categories:
    • Upwell structures
    • Customs offices
    • Starbases
    • Moon mining
    • Sovereignty
    • Wars
    • Corporation membership changes
  • Automatically adds timers from relevant notifications to Alliance Auth Structure Timers or Structure Timers II app (if installed)
  • Fittings and contents of Upwell structures (e.g. fuel blocks and ammo)
  • Additional structure notifications generated by the app:
    • Configurable fuel alerts to warn about fuel running at in structures and POSes, and which can replace the ESI notifications
    • Notifications to inform when structures have been refueled (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Tax rates and access settings of Customs Offices
  • Permissions define which structures are visible to a user based on organization membership
  • Self-defined tags help to better organize structures
  • Ability to increase notification response time and sync resilence with multiple sync characters per structure owner
  • Automatically sends alerts to users and admin when token become invalid or sync from ESI fails
  • Interface for 3rd party monitoring of the services status
  • Chinese 🇨🇳, English 🇺🇸 and German 🇩🇪 localization





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