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Alliance Structures Managament


Simple package that adds Structures sub-menu to Alliance page in SEAT to display all structures that have authed towards Alliance. Adds filters to filter for: low power, less than week or less than month fuel left structures.



SRP Payout Calculations

Simple SRP

By default, the application is configured in simple mode. In this mode, the SRP payout is calculated by using the evepraisal value returned from Jita sell for the whole killmail.

Advanced SRP

Advanced SRP can be enabled in the settings menu. Once enabled, the SRP Admin will need to specify rules around payout calculations. The rule types available are TypeGroup and Default. The rules are matched in that order with the first match being used to calculate payout value.

Shared Configuration Options

  • Price Source – Where the pricing of individual elements will be drawn from
  • Base Value – A fixed ISK amount added to each payout from this rule
  • Hull % – The percentage of the ship hull value to be paid out.
  • Fit % – The percentage of the ship fit value to be paid out.
  • Cargo % – The percentage of the ship cargo value to be paid out.
  • Deduct Insurance – If selected, the payout will be reduced by the benefit gained from insurance (payout – cost)

Rule Types

Type Rules

Type rules match the ship type exactly, for example a Scorpion or Blackbird. Note that variants are considered separate ships. Ie a Raven is different to a Raven Navy Issue.

Group Rules

Group rules match based on the group of the ship, such as FrigateShuttle or Battleship.

Default Rule

The default rule is the rule used when there are no type or group rules that have been triggered. The default rule is a catch all for any remaining payout calculations.

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