VPS Hosting

We will launch a VPS server for your website. Customers must ensure they still purchase a domain name and point it to our server in order to use. This will require changing the Name Server (NS) on your domain host.

This is a non managed server, This means we will not manage it for you.We will only host it on your behalf. However we can help assist you with any issues you have. If there is a host issue we can raise it with our host.

Please note we require 2 months payment up front. Services is 30 day recurring. 30 day notice to cancel service is required. Once service is terminated the 2 months up front payment will be refunded back to the player that purchased the service

Server will be deployed using the latest Ubuntu 20.04 version.

Servers are located in Germany (Nuremburg,Falkstein) or in Finland (Helsinki) or in United States (Ashburn)

Servers take approx 60 min to setup.

Directions on how to proceed will be given once the service is purchased. Please ensure you are in our Discord in order to make contact with you. If you dont hear from us within 24 hours give us a shout in our Discord

All servers launched by us will include free Auth upgrades/updates on all applications sold by us. You the customer decides if you want to keep us or use your own dev and we will simply host the server for you

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